Selfie to Anime Conversion

Provides selfie to anime conversion service online, or convert your favourite anime character into a real life person.

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  • Select a photo with human face, the photo will be deleted once the conversion is complete.
  • Input image should be equal in width and height, or otherwise it will be resized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the answers here might help.

Will you keep my uploaded photo?

The photo is deleted as soon as the conversion process is complete, so don't worry about that.

It's really slow...

Since my budget is limited and there are too many tasks in queue, it could take some while to process.

The anime image is in low resolution.

You can use this tool (Bigjpg) to zoom your anime character with more details.

The anime image is not good enough.

Try different lighting conditions and angles of the selfie. Normally frontal image with sufficient lighting conditions will produce a good result, but it's not guaranteed since it's an AI.

Does it discriminate gender correctly?

Sadly, no. Because the inequality in training samples, boys might be misinterpreted as girls. However, you can have a try and see if that's really the case for you.

How do you do that?

I trained the UGATIT model from source and built this website for easy access. UGATIT source code can b downloaded from Github.

Pricing Plan & Donation

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1 Photo Upload Per Day, Low Priority

  • Selfie to Anime Conversion
  • Anime to Selfie Conversion

Full Access

per month

Enables Full Access to All Features, High Priority

  • Unlimited Selfie to Anime Conversion
  • Unlimited Anime to Selfie Conversion



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  • Develop More Features
  • Upgrade to a Faster Server

Use Anime Photos As Avatar

Anime photos are easy to recognize, if you are familiar with the real person behind them. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to say. Therefore using an anime picture can protect one's privacy while making avatars recognizable

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